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Myopia Management

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Girl wearing Ortho K Lenses

What is Myopia?

Myopia is another name for what you may know as 'short-sightedness'. It is a condition whereby nearby objects can be seen clearly but objects that are further away may appear blurry or harder to see clearly. The condition may also progress over time.

If you suffer from myopia, this will typically be identified during your regular eye examination and corrective measures e.g. glasses or contact lenses can be prescribed to help you see distant objects more clearly.

Why is Myopia a concern?

It is believed that the numbers of people with Myopia are increasing rapidly across the world. this poses a concern as anyone with myopia may be at an increased risk for further complications such as floaters or retinal detachment. To address the growing concern, research has been conducted and led to the creation of specially designed contact lenses and spectacle frames that aim to slow myopia progression in children.

Girl wearing glasses

Our Myopia Control Options

We are proud to offer our patients both contact lenses and spectacle lenses as measures to correct and control the progression of Myopia.

Ortho K contact lenses are worn overnight to help gently reshape the eye and offer clear, unobstructed vision all day when removed in the morning. To read more about our Ortho-K contact lenses, click here.

If contact lenses aren't the best option for your child, we also offer the innovative MyCon spectacle lenses from Rodenstock to correct vision and manage myopia. An independent clinical study found that myopia control lenses like our Rodenstock MyCon reduces myopia progression by up to 40%*. Watch the video below to learn more or contact the team today and we'll be happy to advise.

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