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colorimetry testing for eyesight

What Is Colorimetry?

Colorimetry is a colour therapy used to reduce the symptoms of visual stress. Visual stress can affect adults and children who experience visual distortions and difficulty when reading. 

Symptoms of visual stress can include: 

  • Rapid tiring when reading

  • Moving or blurring of print

  • Letters changing shape or size

  • Headaches and eye strain. 

Using Colour To Help With Visual Stress

Our experienced Optometrists are qualified to carry out Colorimetry assessments. The first step is to undergo a thorough eye examination to rule out any other common ocular problems. Then we move onto a coloured overlay assessment to explore how effective the use of colour is in relieving visual discomfort while reading.

Colorimetry At Pullen & Symes

A coloured overlay assessment uses coloured filters placed over text to determine whether colour can improve the symptoms of visual stress while reading.


We carry this initial assessment out at our practice and use 12 overlays of different shades to compare their effectiveness.

Coloured overlay assessment
Coloured Overlay Assessments

If coloured overlays have been successful, we use a state of the art machine called a Colorimeter to identify a precise shade of colour that can be used to create bespoke lenses for your glasses.


An examination with a Colorimeter lasts about 20 minutes and enables the effects of hue, saturation and brightness to be explored to combine to a precise tint tailored to your needs.


Your precision tint lenses are created in a specially designed laboratory and can be fitted to your choice of frames.

Reading with precision tinted lenses
Bespoke Coloured Lenses Using A Colorimeter

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