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Children's Eyecare

Young girl wearing glasses
Girl wearing glasses

Good Eyesight Is Vital To A Child’s Development

Many parents don’t realise that eyesight can be tested from a very early age and it is recommended that children should have an eye examination at least by the age of three, or earlier if you think there may be a problem.

Remember that pre-school children don’t know what “perfect” sight is and are unlikely to complain about poor vision. Even if a child can’t speak or identify letters, our Optometrists can objectively assess their eyesight and eye health.

Fun And Friendly Eye Tests For Kids

Special tests have been devised for very young children and the earlier any vision problem is detected; the more effectively it can be treated. The extent of tests performed to establish normal sight increases as a child grows.


Children’s eyesight continues to develop and mature up to the age of about nine or ten. Before that critical age the visual system is “elastic” and can be trained and moulded to see properly. This is why regular eye examinations are vital at this age.

Inexpensive And Fashionable Children's Glasses

Children want to feel as good in their eyewear as adults. However, choosing a frame for kids is not as simple as picking an adult style in a smaller size. Children’s faces are still developing so their proportions can differ to that of their parent’s. 


Pullen & Symes Opticians stock a range of attractive, durable and comfortable glasses for kids. Many of our frames are available on the NHS and our qualified Dispensing Opticians are here to ensure your child’s eyewear is properly fitted.

Girl wearing glasses

Eye examinations of children of all ages

Quality, affordable eyewear

Children's frames and lenses funded by the NHS in most cases

Dispensing of hospital prescriptions

Proper fitting of suitable children's frames

Further Eyecare Services
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