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Spectacle Lenses

Spectacle lenses at Pullen & Symes opticians
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An Appreciation Of Good Quality Spectacle Lenses

Understandably, the buzz and excitement about new glasses usually centres on the appearance of the frames. Yet it is the accuracy of the prescription and the precision of the finished lenses that enables us all to see to an optimum level and perform all the tasks we take for granted each day to the highest standard - drive, watch television, work on computers, read the paper, check our smartphone, play tennis, etc. 

Great Vision Tailored To You

High quality vision does not happen without attention to detail. That detail comes from our expertise and knowledge in offering tailored lens solutions according to your individual lifestyle requirements.

Our qualified Dispensing Opticians, who constantly up-date their knowledge via on-going professional educational programmes, have a wealth of experience to recommend the best lenses for you - whatever your requirements.

And, as independent opticians we are free to recommend the best lenses for you as an individual. 

Complex Lens Specialists

Our practices specialise in the very latest, high performance varifocal designs, ultra-thin/ high index materials, lenses for sports and occupational lenses for the workplace.

We will be offering personalised varifocal lenses in 2021 at both practices. All measurements will be bespoke, using digital measurement gauges.

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Choosing The Right Lens For Your Glasses
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At Pullen & Symes Opticians you will always see a qualified Dispensing Optician to have your glasses and lenses measured and fitted.


As independent opticians with specialist laboratories we are able to provide optical solutions for the most straightforward to the most complex prescriptions. We use quality products from quality manufacturers and will always consult with you fully to ensure you have an optical solution right for you.

We offer lenses in a multitude of coatings and finishes - including Transitions lenses that react to UV light to protect your eyes. 

Come in and visit us at Exeter or Ottery St Mary to view our full eyewear collection and lenses. If you have any questions, or would like to book at eye test, please contact us. 

Further Eyecare Services
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